D6015A DC-DC 15-80V to 0-60V 15A 900W CNC Programmable Adjustable Step Down Module

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    • DPS-6015 is single output programmable switch power supply.
    • Its specification is 60V, 15A, 900W.
    • It is designed by DC-DC modularization.
    • Small size and high output power.
    • Besides, it is equipped with TTL serial interface, provide a serial communication protocol, support secondary development.
    • We can provide versatile solutions according to your design and test requirements
    • Based on BUCK structure of switch power supply technology, the work frequency can reach to150 KHZ
    • DC input voltage range: 15V~ 80V, which is suitable for multiple kinds of pre-stage input power supplies
    • Combined with the operating buttons and multifunction encoders, it is convenient and easy to use
    • High accuracy and high resolution: 10 mV / 10 mA
    • Low ripple and low noise
    • Indicator light: constant current( CC), constant voltage (CV) and output state (ON)
    • LCD1602 display
    • Adjust voltage and current by adjustment knob and keys
    • Support measuring and displaying output voltage, output current, output power, output electric quantity (AH) and working time
    • The minimum pressure differential is 2V, the module can still work steadily under the circumstance
    • With output turn off function key, users can turn on or off the output flexibly
    • 10 groups of parameter settings of M0-M9, which can be conveniently called out at any moment
    • Prompt for operation or alarm function of onboard buzzer
    • Convenient and simple three-phase charge intelligent control function of storage battery
    • With TTL serial communication, and improved communication protocol so as to be convenient for centralized control
    Item Parameter
    • Input voltage: 15 - 80V
    • Output voltage: 0 - 60V
    • Output current: 0 - 15A
    • Output power: 0 - 900W
    • Setup resolution of output voltage: 10mV
    • Setup resolution of output current: 10mA
    • Source regulation
      • CV is less than 0.5% + 10 mV,
      • CC is less than 1% + 5 mA
    • Load regulation
      • CV is less than 0.5% + 10 mV
      • CC is less than 1% + 5 mA
    • Output ripple: < 50mVpp (Input 54 V, 12 V output, current 3A)
    • Volatility transmission ratio of 100 Hz: < 1/10000
    • Typical efficiency: Input 54 V, 36 V, output current 3 A
    • The display precision of Voltage, Current: 10mV, 10mA
    • Display error of Voltage: ±1%+50mV
    • Display error of Current: ±2%+20mA
    • Response time : < 50ms
    • Memory operation: 10 groups of parameter storage of M0-M9
    • Protection type: OVP, OCP, OPP, OAH, OFT
    • Heat-dissipating method: heat dissipater and fan (optional)
    • Operating ambient temperature: 0 - 40'C
    • Storage ambient temperature: -20 - 70'C
    • Use ambient: For indoor use , maximum humidity of 80%
    Product Type Buck Modules
    Electronic Components
    Input Voltage 15-80 -volt
    Output Voltage 0-60 V
    Package Contents 1*Buck Module, 1*Extension Cable
    Package Type OEM
    Depth 43 mm
    Height 140 mm
    Product Weight 326 g
    Width 100 mm
    Date Listed 5/5/2017
    SKU 7604200
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