US Stock SF-801 LCD Digital Postal Scale (50kg/1g)
w/ US plug power adapter
$31.44 FREE
US Stock DBPOWER Car Jump Starter Emergency Power Bank (18000mAh)
800A peak current / up to 7.2L gas/5.5L diesel engine / LCD display
$77.21 FREE
US Stock Oshion 550lbs Magnet Fishing Kit
20m rope / waterproof gloves / threadlocker glue / for underwater treasure hunting & retrieving objects
$28.05 FREE
US Stock 5-in-1 Combined Type Digital Heat Press Transfer Sublimation Machine
w/ dual LCD timer / US plug
$199.98 FREE
US Stock 140W Plastic Vacuum Heat Sealing Machine (US)
heat sealer / w/ external liquid storage tank
$48.37 FREE
US Stock Portable Automatic Hand Dryer
US Stock Commercial Industrial Grade Ozone Generator Air Purifier (US)
10000mg/h ozone output / removal of formaldehyde/second-hand smoke/odor/musty/dust
$94.65 FREE