Precision Cooker Immersion Circulator Thermal Cooking Pod
temperature digital timer / 10L capacity / ultra quiet / EU
$103.95 FREE
DMD Diamond Bench Stone Knife Sharpening Stone (3 Pieces)
authentic / 240# / 600# /1000# grits
$4.53 FREE
Kitchen Reusable Gas Stove Burner Cover Protector Liner Clean Mat Pad (4-Pack)
heat resistance range: -70'C to +260'C (the highest could be 380'C)
$4.18 FREE
Kitchen Knife Sharpener Kit Scissors Blade Sharpening Tool
w/ 120# 320# 600# 1500# whetstones (random colors)
$28.84 FREE
Laser Roto-Caddy Swivel Storage Cupboard Organiser
360 degree rotation / space saving
$14.25 FREE
Intelligent IR Sensor Automatic Touchless Foam Liquid Soap Dispenser Hand Washing Tool
avoids cross-infection / 250ml capacity / 3-5cm sensing range / 2-gear adjustable output volume / IPX4 waterproof / battery powered
$16.47 FREE
Naturehike Outdoor Camping Butane Gas Lighter BBQ Ignitor Gas Flamethrower
95g/H gas consumption / can be used upside down / 1300'C flame temperature / adjustable firepower
$16.13 FREE
ShineTrip Portable Stainless Steel Folding Drinking Straw Set
w/ storage case + brush + anti-scald silicone tip + hook + storage bag
$4.49 FREE
Wheat Straw Water Cup Teacup Couple Milk Coffee Mug (450ml)
graceful curve design / 30 degree tilt / withstand 180'C heat
$5.14 FREE