Driver Pillar w/Emitter Slot for Flashlight DIY
for 17mm Drivers & 20mm LED / Surefire C8 body compatible
$2.18 FREE
Insulation Gasket for Cree XP-E LED Emitter (10-Pack)
10-PACK 4.5mm dia. inner hole
$1.34 FREE
UltraFire Nylon Flashlight Holster
12*2.5cm / black
$1.27 FREE
Charge/Discharge Protective Circuit Board for 18650 Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries
2.4V/4.25V cut-off / 17.4mm*1.9mm
$1.18 FREE
Insulation Gaskets for Cree XM-L T6 LED Emitters (10-Pack)
10-PACK 7mm opening / 16mm diameter / 0.5mm thickness / insulation & location function
$1.30 FREE
PET Insulation Gaskets for Cree XM-L T6 LED Emitter (10-Pack)
10-PACK 5mm opening / 16mm diameter / self-adhesive
$1.30 FREE
16mm Insulation Gasket for Cree Q5 LED Emitter (10-Pack)
10-PACK hole diameter 7.2mm
$0.93 FREE
Gold Plated Battery/Driver Contact Support Spring for C8/501B/502B and other Flashlights (2-Pack)
2-PACK 7mm diameter / 10mm height
$0.68 FREE
Driver Pillar Set for 26650 Flashlights
$5.29 FREE
5mm*2mm Brass Pillars for Electronics DIY (10-Pack)
10-PACK w/ groove on one side
$1.78 FREE
Thermal Conduction Silicone Rubber Cubes (1*1*0.5cm/10-Pack)
10-PACK perfect for processors, regulator chips, and flashlight drivers
$1.35 FREE
Battery/Driver Contact Support Spring for Flashlights DIY (10-Pack)
10-PACK 7mm diameter / 10mm height / 0.8mm wire diameter
$1.21 FREE
Copper 17mm to 18mm Ring
for DIY flashlights
$0.96 FREE
XM-L Reflector to XP-G Reflector Converter Adapters (2-Pack)
fits for 7mm bottom opening XM-L reflectors
$0.72 FREE