HM-11 Bluetooth V4.0 Transceiver BLE Module
TI CC2540 / CC2541 chip
$4.03 FREE
RFID RC-522 Funduino Card Reader / Detector Module Kit
$3.96 FREE
HM-13 Dual Mode Bluetooth 4.0 BLE SPP LE Serial Port Module
compatible w/ Bluetooth 3.0/2.1
$6.04 FREE
TI CC2540/CC2541 Bluetooth 4.0 BLE 2540 2541 Transparent Serial Data Module w/Antenna
3.3V TTL / bluetooth low energy / HM-10
$4.06 FREE
Digital Magnetic Levitation Module
350g max. load / USB powered
$44.66 FREE
RD DPS5015 Digital Power Supply Buck Voltage Converter
constant voltage current step-down communication
$44.19 FREE
DFRobot 10 DOF Mems IMU Sensor Module for Arduino
authentic / ADXL345 accelerometer + ITG3200 gyro + HMC5883L compass + BMP085 pressure sensor
$31.80 FREE
Ethernet W5100 R3 Shield Network Board
works w/ official Arduino boards
$9.68 FREE
Authentic EleksMaker Mana 3-axis Stepper Motor Controller Driver Board
for DIY laser engraver / 12V
$27.86 FREE
Bluetooth V4.2 MP3/MP4/MP5 Decoder Video Audio Decoding Board
remote control / supports U-disk, HDD & up to 32GB SD
$27.61 FREE
RD DP50V5A 1.44" LCD Buck Adjustable Power Supply Module
authentic / numerical control / w/ integrated voltmeter & ammeter
$24.91 FREE
6-Port USB Hub Charger w/ Acrylic Box Shell
5.5*2.1mm DC 11-30V input / 5.3V/12A rated output / QC 2.0 USB + 5*regular USB
$17.30 FREE
DSO138 DIY 2.4" TFT Digital Oscilloscope Kit
320*240 resolution
$17.24 FREE
AD584 4 Channel High Precision Voltage Reference Module
2.5V/7.5V/5V/10V / w/ transparent acrylic housing / can be charged by DC 5V
$16.99 FREE
ZB206+V1.3 Resistance Tester for 18650 Battery(5V)
w/ Nixie Tube and LED indicator
$8.49 FREE