HM-13 Dual Mode Bluetooth 4.0 BLE SPP LE Serial Port Module
compatible w/ Bluetooth 3.0/2.1
$6.10 FREE
YD-CS Transistor Tester Kit
for multimeter/meter/resistor/capacitor/triode/electronic measurement
$12.17 FREE
JY-MCU HC-06 Bluetooth Wireless Serial Port Module
V1.05 / main module / 3.3V level / Arduino compatible core module
$6.00 FREE
Authentic EleksMaker Mana V5.2 3-axis Stepper Motor Controller Driver Board
for DIY laser engraver / 12V / w/ case
$29.84 FREE
DSO150 15001K DIY Digital Oscilloscope Housing Kit
2.4" TFT / 0-200KHz / DC 9V
$27.88 FREE
RFID RC-522 Funduino Card Reader / Detector Module Kit
$4.07 FREE
4-Channel AC/DC Relay Module
125V-250V AC / 30V DC / 10A per channel
$4.00 FREE
Juwei 300V 100A Multifunction Voltmeter Ammeter Battery Capacity Tester
temperature/time/resistor/power/electricity monitor
$19.21 FREE
DC-DC Power Supply Step-up Boost Module
DC 5-32V to DC 5-55V / 94% transfer efficiency(max.) / LED digital display
$3.61 FREE
CJMCU WS2812B 16-bit 5050 Full Color RGB LED Module
Arduino compatible
$4.89 FREE
HC-05 Wireless Bluetooth Serial Transceiver Module
bluetooth V2.0
$4.35 FREE
DC-DC 4-40V to 1.25-37V 3A Buck Converter Stepdown Module
LM2596 chip / voltage adjustable / w/ LED display
$2.30 FREE
LCUS-1 CH340 USB Intelligent Switch Control Relay Module
SRD-05VDC-SL-C / 1-Channel / 5V
$5.42 FREE