3S Li-ion Lithium Battery 18650 Charger Protection Board
short circuit/overcharge/over-discharge/overcurrent protection
$4.53 FREE
HM-11 Bluetooth V4.0 Transceiver BLE Module
TI CC2540 / CC2541 chip
$3.75 FREE
0.28" 3-Digit LED Voltmeter Module (5-Pack)
5-PACK DC 2.4-30V / green LED light
$4.81 FREE
ZK-DP60 6A DC Boost/Buck Converter Power Supply Module
60W / multi-layer circuit protection
$10.88 FREE
5V 4-CH 433MHz Wireless Remote Control Receiver Module
self-locking/momentary/interlock working mode
$2.66 FREE
ZH-1500W DC-DC 10-60V to 12-90V 30A Boost Converter Step Up Module
short circuit/input reverse polarity/low battery protection
$21.37 FREE
WS2812 64-bit 5050 RGB LED Development Board
w/ built-in full color drive
$7.23 FREE
Internet Development Board ESP32 Wifi Chip 0.96'' OLED Wifi Kit
Arduino compatible / integrated dual-mode Bluetooth / supports sniffer+station+softAP+Wifi direct mode / 150Mbps data rate
$13.85 FREE
XH-M409 Adjustable High Power Buck Converter Step Down Module
200W max. power / 8A max. output / w/ regulator
$12.50 FREE
SANWU HF-182 Bluetooth Audio Receiver Digital Amplifier Board
authentic / USB/TF card decoding play / w/ remote controller
$5.51 FREE
3-in-1 Temperature/Humidity + Pressure + Light Sensor Module for Arduino
HTU21D + BMP180 + BH1750FVI
$10.53 FREE
XR2206 Function Signal Generator DIY Kit
sine&triangle&square output / 1Hz-1MHz
$8.20 FREE
ESP32-CAM Wifi / Bluetooth V4.2 Camera Module Development Board
supports up to 4GB microSD / 2dBi gain antanna / 802.11b/g/n
$7.86 FREE