BTC-T37 Mining Machine Motherboard CPU Group
8 video card slots / DDR3 memory integrated / VGA interface
Keyes ESP32 Core Board for Arduino
$12.43 FREE
EleksMaker Mana 3-axis Stepper Motor Controller Driver Board
authentic / for DIY laser engraver / 12V
$27.89 FREE
HM-19 Bluetooth V5.0 BLE Module
master-slave integration / self-learning function
$6.72 FREE
Keyes ESP32-IO Expansion Board
w/ 2.54mm pitch pin / DC 7-12V / eco-friendly
$6.06 FREE
HaKKaDeal V27D DC 0-100V Digital Voltmeter Module
authentic / green LED light
$3.67 FREE
WeMos ESP8266 ESP-WROOM-02 Mainboard D1 Mini Wifi Module
LED indicator light / over charge/discharge protection / 18650 battery
$9.08 FREE
WS2812 64-bit 5050 RGB LED Development Board
w/ built-in full color drive
$3.55 FREE
Sonoff Inching / Self-locking Wifi Wireless Switch Module
authentic / 5V / mobile APP control / 2200W/10A max. load / w/ 433MHz RF remote controller
$15.46 FREE
DC-DC 3.5-12V to 1.2-24V USB Boost Converter Step Up Module (3-Pack)
3-PACK USB/micro-USB input / one-key turn off output / power off memory
$6.99 FREE
GY-521 6DOF MPU6050 3 Axis Gyroscope + Accelerometer Module
Arduino compatible
$1.32 FREE
VHM-305 Mini PCM2704 USB Audio Sound Card DAC Decoder Board for PC laptop
40dB amplifier gain / plug & play / free drive
$5.87 FREE
LM2596HV DC-DC4.5-60V to 3-35V 3A Buck Converter Stepdown Module
over heat protection / over current protection
$2.39 FREE
DC-DC Power Supply Step-up Boost Module
DC 5-32V to DC 5-55V / 94% transfer efficiency(max.) / LED digital display
$3.82 FREE