DC 8-55V to DC 5V 3A Step Down Buck Converter Power Supply Module
over 93% conversion rate / circuit protection / USB 2.0 + micro-USB
$8.43 FREE
Vehicle Power Amplifier Board Module
compatible w/ 4-8" speaker / w/ remote controller
$11.95 FREE
DC-DC 3.5-12V to 1.2-24V USB Boost Converter Step Up Module (3-Pack)
3-PACK USB/micro-USB input / one-key turn off output / power off memory
$6.99 FREE
2-24V to 5-28V/12V/9V DC-DC Boost Converter Step Up Module (10-Pack)
10-PACK max. output current: 2A
$5.68 FREE
XH-A954 Volume Control Power Switch Amplifier Board Potentionmeter Module Kit
3-PACK 50k potentiometer knob / built-in switch function
$5.61 FREE
DC-DC Power Supply Step-up Boost Module
DC 5-32V to DC 5-55V / 94% transfer efficiency(max.) / LED digital display
$4.53 FREE
Microphone Sound Detection Sensor Shield Module for Arduino
digital output + analog output
$2.57 FREE
GY-50 L3G4200D 3-axis Gyroscope/Gyro Sensor Module
I2C / Arduino compatible
$2.96 FREE
DHT11 1-Wire Single Pin Thermometer/Hygrometer Module
Arduino compatible / 0 to 50'C / 20% to 90% RH
$2.32 FREE
Arduino Compatible HC-SR04 Ultrasonic/Sonar Distance Sensor Module
NewPing library compatible
$1.72 FREE
LCD1602 Arduino Compatible LCD Keypad Shield
2*16 character backlit display
$4.24 FREE