BTC-T37 Mining Machine Motherboard CPU Group
8 video card slots / DDR3 memory integrated / VGA interface
ZK-502T 50W*2 Bluetooth V5.0 Subwoofer Audio Amplifier Board Module w/ Tone
treble/bass adjustable / dual channel stereo output
$14.80 FREE
XH-M569 High Power 150W*2 Digital Power Amplifier Board w/ Pre-amplification
2*TPA3116D2 chip / 2-channel
$11.36 FREE
Dual 18650 Lithium Battery Shield V8 Mobile Power Expansion Board Module
supports 3V/1A & 5V/2.2A two voltage output / for Arduino ESP8266/ESP32
$5.12 FREE
XH-W1621 AC 110-220V Digital Thermostat PID Constant Temperature Controller
for incubation heating plate / LCD display
$9.80 FREE
Sinilink XY-AP50H HiFi Bluetooth V5.0 Audio Digital Power Amplifier Stereo Board
2*50W / TPA3116D2 / Sinilink App control / Bluetooth/AUX/U disk/USB sound card audio input
$9.75 FREE
VHM-314 V3.0 Bluetooth V5.0 Audio Receiver MP3 Lossless Decoder Board
w/ EQ mode & IR control
$3.99 FREE
XH-A901 2-Channel Digital Power Amplifier Board
high & low tone adjustment / DC12-24V
$6.65 FREE
HM-19 Bluetooth V5.0 BLE Module
master-slave integration / self-learning function
$4.66 FREE
HM-17 Bluetooth 4.2 Module
w/ CC2640 chip
$4.45 FREE
USB to TTL Converter Adapter Module
weldable to HM-11/13/17/19 Bluetooth modules / LED indicator
$3.57 FREE
YX830 Battery Charging Controller Protection Module
10-60V / 30A / adjustable parameters / power-off memory / auto charging / for storage batteries & lithium batteries
$9.97 FREE