BTC-T37 Mining Machine Motherboard CPU Group
8 video card slots / DDR3 memory integrated / VGA interface
RD DPS5020 Digital Power Supply Buck Voltage Converter LCD Voltmeter
authentic / 1.44" LCD / constant voltage current / communication version
$52.00 FREE
Juwei 180W Constant Current Electronic Load Discharge Battery Capacity Tester
200V 20A / random color of the board
$41.03 FREE
LILYGO LILY Pi ESP32 Wifi Bluetooth 3.5'' Capacitive Touch Screen
w/ 5V 2A relay & USB expansion port
$28.45 FREE
DFRobot CO2 Gas Sensor Module for Arduino
$65.40 FREE
NEO-6M GPS Shield Expansion Board for Arduino
w/ SD slot
$29.01 FREE
Bare Conductive Touch Board for Arduino
ATMega32U4 / micoSD card slot / 3.5mm jack
$73.55 FREE
Digital Input Output Board DIDO Module for Raspberry Pi
work w/ Raspberry Pi 3 Model B / Raspberry Pi 2 Model B / Raspberry Pi Model B+ / A+
$29.69 FREE
DFRobot Flymaple-A Flight Controller w/ 10 DOF IMU for Arduino
authentic / ADXL345 accelerometer + ITG-3200 gyroscope + HMC5883L magnetometer + BMP085 barometric
$76.93 FREE
Voice Interactive Development Board
based on GNU / Linux of OpenWrt / support Legacy 802.11b & HT 802.11n mode
$89.74 FREE
DFRobot 10 DOF Mems IMU Sensor Module for Arduino
authentic / ADXL345 accelerometer + ITG3200 gyro + HMC5883L compass + BMP085 pressure sensor
$34.39 FREE