KEYES Brick KE2055 Thin Film Pressure Sensor Module
reverse polarity protection
$3.08 FREE
KEYES Brick KE2048 Broken Light Blocking Photo Interrupter Sensor Module
reverse polarity protection
$1.54 FREE
HC-SR501 IR Infrared Motion Detection Sensor Module
DC 5V-20V
$1.48 FREE
DC-DC 3-40V to 1.5-35V 3A Buck Converter Stepdown Module
LM2596S-ADJ / voltage adjustable switching / random color of the board
$1.39 FREE
DIY 5V Micro-USB Power Module PCB Board (5-Pack)
$1.27 FREE
1.55" 3-Digital LED Thermometer Module
-50'C to 110'C measuring range / red led light / high precision
$2.44 FREE
Nokia 5110 84*48 Graphical LCD Display Module
4Mbps serial / 8-pin connection / blue backlight
$2.42 FREE
4-Channel Infraed Line Tracking Sensor Module for Arduino
red / 1-60cm detection range
$1.94 FREE
V5 Expansion Board for Arduino Prototype Proto Shield
w/ mini breadboard
$1.80 FREE
KEYES Brick KE2051 Finger Heart Rate Sensor Module
reverse polarity protection
$1.54 FREE
FT232RL USB to TTL Module Board for Arduino
works w/ official Arduino boards
$1.44 FREE
L7805CV 5V 1.5A TO-220 Voltage Regulator (5-Pack)
5-PACK primary input voltage 10V
$1.21 FREE
DC-DC 0.9-5V 600mA Boost Converter Step Up Module
with USB female
$0.85 FREE
NE555 DIP-8 Timer IC (10-Pack)
$0.82 FREE
4-Channel AC/DC Relay Module
125V-250V AC / 30V DC / 10A per channel
$4.00 FREE
ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver Module
dimensions: 40.5mm*21.3mm
$1.71 FREE
JY-MCU mini_RTCpro DS3231 Arduino Compatible Precision Clock Module w/ Temperature
AT24CXX 32K I2C EEPROM memory / for AVR PIC 51 ARM
$3.79 FREE